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Everywhere you look, there is someone telling you that you need something- a $1 hamburger, a better car, the new hit smart phone. But what if instead of more, you actually need less?

Founded in 2016, Steph & Less is a blog about finding out how little you actually need and what you'll find as you clean out the physical, mental and emotional clutter in your life. If you are ready to break free of the lie that the next latest and greatest thing is going to make you happy, stick around to find out what will.

Stephanie started out as a fashion blogger in 2010. She taught herself how to sew and started making her won clothes (which was totally cool), but she soon found that her life was consumed with fashion and having new outfits every week to share on the blog. Her closets were bursting with pieces she'd only worn once.

In 2015 after moving from Ohio to Florida, Stephanie discovered minimalism and realized something had to change. She started by decluttering her entire house using the Konmari method and chronicled it on her youtube channel. (And she's still finding things to let go of!) In 2016, she began to realize that the things that she was once passionate about were no longer what she wanted to blog about. So this blog, Steph & Less was created to be her fresh, clean start.

On this blog, you'll find not only lots of posts about minimalism, decluttering and capsule wardrobe (because even ex-fashion bloggers like to look pretty!), but also posts about the things that minimalims has allowed Stephanie to have time for in her life such as Bible journaling and historical costuming.

Who is Stephanie?

I'm just a girl living in the sunny state of Florida with my hubby and three crazy birds who is trying to live with less so I can live more.

Right now I'm prepping for downsizing, day dreaming about minimalist decor and sewing my way through the Italian Renaissance Cosutming Challenge 6.

Where to start?

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