Wednesday, July 20, 2016

His Love Endures Forever

Sometimes, my bible journaling pages are inspired by my daily quite time or by powerful messages. But sometimes, that dries up. And that's when I love to turn to my faith based products for inspiration. This page started with one of the Illustrated Faith verse cards that come in the monthly kits and a cute little flag that says love. These pointed me to Psalm 118 and a reminder that His love endures forever!

I pulled out the rest of my color palette from some other cardstock pieces and this page was all set to go. Unfortunately, you could really see the pink paint and black in from the page behind.

So I pulled out some white acrylic paint and applied that down the margin of my page. It didn't 100% block out the design from the other side but it really toned it down so that I could focus on designing this page.

Then it was time to lay out all of my pieces! Starting to look so cute!

I used this really cute stamp set from a new to me company, the Latina Crafter. She makes darling faith based stamps in English and Spanish! I love that this opens up Bible journaling to a whole new arena of people! This cute alphabet is perfect for adding those longer words.

In the end, the page is really simple but the sentiment is so powerful. It's so easy to take God's love for granted but it is so wonderful. He loves us, just the way we are and He'll go on loving us past the end of time!

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