Friday, July 8, 2016

Konmari Round 2: Scrapbooking and Knitting

I just adore crafting and creating! Unfortunately, most craft stashes like they'd be more at home on an episode of Hoarders rather than on Tiny House Hunters. But minimalism and crafting don't have to be opposites! I knew that my crafting supplies would need a second go through so they were high on my list of categories to do for Konmari Round 2.

Crafting supplies can be so hard to get rid of because they all seem useful. But I could use that one day! It's hard to be objective when craft supplies spark so much joy. But I read a really excellent quote by Joshua Becker in his new book, The More of Less that really helped me with this category:

"Sometimes parting with our possessions means a dream must die. .... 
Sometimes, it takes giving up the person we wanted to be in order to fully 
appreciate the person we can actually become."

So powerful! I know for me, some of my craft supplies definitely fit into this category. I had things I used to enjoy doing, but hadn't done in years or things that I had big dreams of learning how to do but never seemed to get around to doing. So I'm letting go of quite a lot in my crafting categories-supplies I'll never used, half finished projects that aren't going to get finished, guilt over things I'd purchased but not used and the pressure to do everything.

There's only room for creative projects I truly love!

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